Exquisite porridge!

Aaaand more sketches! :D

More summer sketches! I’ve drawn so much lately, it makes me very happy.

Summer sketches! 

New sketchbook!



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1. Take a number….What is the first one you think?

3! I was going to say 2, but then I got a quick flashback to two seconds ago and realized that 3 was what I first thought about. Oh brain, you’re so sneaky.

2. If you could live anywhere you want, where would it be?

Right now I’m very happy here in Turku. However, I often joke about moving to Sweden, so who knows… BUT WAIT! If I’m perfectly honest, I want to live in Atlantis. Or somewhere where there’s mermaids. I want to be a mermaid!

3. If you’d have powers to control mind, what would you do (or make others do)?

I would simply shut the mind off and start focusing on life and the present moment. 

4. If you’d have a time machine would you go to the future or the past? (where and when?)

Atlantis! Or ancient Egypt, or… Or maybe the future, to a time when humanity has (hopefully) left behind all this violence and anger. Gaaah I can’t decide! The future is always uncertain, so maybe I’ll choose Atlantis (YES IT EXISTED DAMMIT!).

5. If you’d have animalistic features in your looks, what would they be?

Gerbil ears! 

6. If you were a mage, would you rather be a summoner, necromancer, or elementalist? (copy pasting this because I also want to ask it c’:)

Elementalist! \o/

7. Do you own any objects you feel strong about, like they have that certain kind of energy what makes you feel good?

This teddybear that I got from my friend on my 7th (?) birthday has travelled with me ever since. Especially during my last school year I used to hug the bear to fall asleep, and then kiss it in the morning. It was some kind of routine. So I guess this teddy holds a lot of meaning to me. Also, my dear friend has given me two jars full of positive and inspirational messages. They are possibly the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever gotten. Thank you, Satu <3

8. Your 5 biggest fandoms at the moment?

Hmm, I wouldn’t say I belong strongly in any fandom right now. But still: Disney (yes, everything Disney, yeeees come hereee), Adventure time, Orange is the new black, and uh… the Salatut elämät fandom! Dear god. Oh right, the fifth one. Well I must always mention One Piece even if I haven’t been following the happenings actively in years. I still love One Piece with a deep passion.

To tell the truth, I have never been but a lurker in the world of fandoms. Sometimes I regret not taking part in all the awesomeness I have followed, and now I’m a little left behind with everything. I still love things, I just don’t make it very visible. If animation counts as a fandom, animation in general is my biggest passion. 

9. Is there any type of clothes you seem to like more on someone/on yourself?

I love cute and girly dresses, especially vintage dresses. This summer I have been desperately searching for a cute and puffy dress that I could wear and be all cute and stuff, but I have yet to acquire one. I had this brilliant blue and white polka dot dress, but suddenly I grew and the dress became a little tight. I want another one, it was so pretty! Gah!

10. If you’d have a mythical entity as your pet/friend, what’d it be?

A mermaid! Does it count? If not, a friendly house spirit would be nice, one that could keep all the malevolent spirits away. And maybe if I pissed it off it could eat my food as revenge, but then everything would be back to normal. Ah, just me and the house spirit, happy times. I would name it Santtu.

11. If you’d be a pony in My Little Pony realm, what kind of pony you’d be and what is your name/cutie mark?

This was a difficult one! I ended up using a name generator and the most fitting name I got was Starry Surprise. Awesome! I would be light blue in colour, with a brownish mane (is that the right term?). But the best part is that my mark would be a flying saucer! Yeees!




And now for my questions:

1. Name 3 things that currently make you happy.
2. What is your favorite movie and why?
What kind of skill would you choose in an epic battle of skills?
4. What is your most successful cooking experience?
5. Which do you prefer, day or night?
6. If you got to organize a party with unlimited resources, what kind of party would it be? Would it have a theme, would it be a big party? Anything you wish.
7. Name a few things or people that inspire you.
What’s the best ice cream ever?
9. Quick! Name a nostalgic cartoon from your childhood!
10. Have you ever been moved to tears?
11. Last but not least, name something you are thankful for.

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I got to try out a Wacom Cintiq at work. It was pure heaven and I want one!

I got to try out a Wacom Cintiq at work. It was pure heaven and I want one!

More June sketches!

June sketches!

I’m currently working as a trainee in an animation studio. My scanner is at home in another city, so I haven’t been able to update much. However, sometimes I get a lucky opportunity to use a scanner, so here’s some sketches thanks to one of those lucky opportunities.